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Ludum Dare 35 entry - Elemental Shifting

A elemental shapeshifting puzzle game that allows you to use different shapes to get through the holes making his main monster do the battle against the evil monsters.

How to play

LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to move the shape

SPACEBAR to change between shapes

Each shape represents an element which is used by the monster above to attack your enemies. If you successfully pass a wall your character will attack the enemy with that element, if you break a wall the enemy will attack you.

Passing through the same element type will result in combo's making your attacks more powerful.

Game currently has 10 levels with multiple waves in each level.

Feedback is always welcome! If you liked this game, leave a comment and vote for us. If you did not like this game still leave a comment so we can constructively criticize your comment :)


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I really like this game, although changing to the shape/type I wanted was more difficult than I'd like.

I'm not sure if it's meant to be part of the difficulty, but remembering the order the shapes spawn incorrectly, pressing space one too many times and having to cycle through again was frustrating. It didn't help that the shapeshift wasn't as immediate/responsive as I'd like (though that is probably down to my rickety laptop).

I would've liked some on screen visual representation of the cycle, maybe instead of just showing the current elements all 4 could be shown but the inactive 3 at a lower opacity, I don't know.

That's my only criticism though, as I said I enjoyed this entry.

PS Thanks for checking out my game!

EDIT: I meant to put this on the Ludum Dare page, I'll put it there too. Apologies.

Thanks a lot for the feedback! We will be working on this game further so it is really appreciated.